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Cabbage Seeds

There's a breathtaking range of Cabbage varieties. A stalwart of British cuisine, we’ve all grown up eating it. Now it’s used in an array of recipes, and is just wonderful when picked straight from the earth. These are a popular range among Suttons' vegetable seeds, and there's a Cabbage for all seasons and tastes.

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Why grow Cabbage plant seeds? 

Whether its spring, summer, winter, green or red, Suttons have a Cabbage seed. They come in all shapes and sizes and are truly International. Easily blended into either Salad, Chinese cabbage for Stir-fries or hot dinners, there is not much a Cabbage can’t do. Suttons have Cabbages that flavour up through the Winter like ‘Winter Jewel’ a loverly winter cabbage. Beautiful crisp red Cabbage ‘Tinty’, perfect for wraps and salads is the ‘summer jewel’, and not forgetting a favourite, the Savoy cabbage seeds. Just a few of the many choices on offer.

How to grow Cabbages from seed?

How deep to plant cabbage seed?

Sow in a seedbed at the depth of 13mm. Germination will take between 7 and 12 days. When the cabbage plants are big enough to handle they can be transplanted.

Cabbage is an important food staple in countries in the Northern hemisphere, they are full of nutrients, particularly Vitamins. They dislike acidic soils, so try a PH test and add plenty of Organic matter to raise the PH if required. As well as being incredibly fresh, Cabbages also store well in cool dry conditions.

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