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Chilli Pepper Plants

Chilli plants are easy to grow in a sunny spot on the windowsill, in a greenhouse, container or the ground. Grown for their sensational flavour, heat and colour, chilli pepper plants are a firm grow-your-own favourite. Sweet pepper plants provide the same brilliant colours as chillies but with a contrasting flavour. For more grow-your-own inspiration browse our full veg plants selection.

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Chilli peppers - a quick guide

Chilli pepper plants are an easy way to add some spice to your harvest. Buying a plant rather than growing from chilli seeds is a good place to start if you’re a novice. For experienced growers read our expert chilli growing tips, beginners will benefit from our how to grow chillies guide and for quick answers to frequently asked pepper questions see below.

How to grow chilli plants

Chillies are best grown under glass although a sheltered, sunny spot can produce good results. If you don’t have a greenhouse, a sunny conservatory is ideal.

Pot on your plant once it reaches around 20cm high and again once it is around 30cm into a final pot size of 22cm. Pinch out the top to encourage bushy growth. Tall plants may need staking.

How to care for chilli plants

Keep the soil moist throughout the growing season. Feed with liquid seaweed fertiliser, switching to a tomato feed once fruit starts forming.

When to harvest chillies

When you pick depends on how hot you want your chilli. Green fruit will be milder than those that turn red. Once they have turned red, pick rather than leaving on the plant as this will encourage more fruit to form.