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Bean Plants

Bean plants are an easy way to add a tasty crop to your garden. We have a wide choice from climbing French and runner beans, dwarf beans that are perfect for pots, and broad beans. Get expert advice on growing beans here.

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Bean plant buying and planting tips

Choosing bean plants is ideal if you haven’t got time to grow from seed or just want a few plants to fill a small space. Choose a range of varieties and you will be harvesting for months with beans suitable for eating fresh or freezing. When you clear plants at the end of the season, cut them to the ground, leaving the roots in the soil to decompose as these will add nitrogen.

We’ve got lots of advice on growing bumper crops of peas and beans and more tips in the frequently asked questions below.

When and how to plant beans

Choose a sunny spot with shelter from high winds if you’re growing a climbing variety, which will need support. Make sure the ground has been prepared with organic matter.

Broad beans should be planted out in rows 30cm apart. Pinch out the tops when the bottom flowers start to produce pods. This will deter blackfly.

Plant out runner beans or climbing French beans after the last frost. Put two plants to each support on a wigwam or other plant support such as netting. Tie in the plants until they start to cling to the support.

Dwarf French beans should be planted after the last frost and spaced 15cm apart. They are ideal for containers or along the edge of vegetable beds.

Can you plant runner, French and broad beans together?

Climbing French beans and runner beans can be grown on the same support although it’s best to not to mix them on the same pole as runner beans are very vigorous. Broad beans could be planted at the base.

Want to grow from seed? Browse our range of vegetable seeds where you’ll find a wide variety of broad, runner and French bean seeds.