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One of the most important changes we've made is the redesign of our homepage. We understand that many people come to our site without knowing exactly what they intend to buy. We also know that, for many people, gardening terminology is confusing and may be a roadblock to making their first purchase. To help with this, we've created clear signposts at every stage of our homepage, which allows our customers to easily navigate through sections and feel inspired by our ranges & offers.

You'll find this clear navigation throughout the site, from product pages to blog posts and beyond.

In the Suttons Greenhouse

The Information You Need

With new & unique varieties being added to our website every year, even the most dedicated gardener will need a little info. We also know that many of our customers are new to gardening and may need some guidance about what is best for them. For these reasons, we've added a bullet point description and improved our planting calendar at the top of our product pages. All the details are still further down the page, but the most important info is right where you need it.

There are also some changes to the way we present information and stories on our site. Our blog is still the home of all our articles, growing guides, newsletters and competitions, but we’ve created a new section of the website dedicated to providing you with Garden Inspiration. Whether you’re looking for seeds to sow immediately, our latest newsletter, an irresistible offer or to learn more about our products, this is the place for you!

Outside in the Ground

Clear & Concise Categories

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, navigating through a website can sometimes be a tricky job. We have always had many categories on our site to reflect the truly diverse nature of our products, ranging from water butts, to plants for bees and even live worms! To create the best journey possible, we’ve removed some of our old categories and created new ones, so you have a quicker and easier shopping experience.

Our search bar has also improved, with much more accurate results and recommendations. Why not try searching for “peat free” to see our range of peat free compost? So, whether you’re looking for offers, plants for pollinators, compost or any other product, it will be much easier to find a product which is perfect for you.

Suttons Pest Control

A Personalised Experience

With so many tempting products to choose from, our customers like an occasional recommendation in their shopping experience – think of these as the helpful assistant at your local garden centre! Our new recommendations will suggest products related to what you’re viewing, and also let you know about offers & alternatives, enabling you to choose the very best varieties suited to your needs.

We have also improved our wish list, allowing you to save your favourite products for later. You’ll notice the little heart at the top of our product category pages, one click when you’re signed in will add the product to your wish list, which can be found on the top toolbar, or through your account page.

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