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Flowers To Sow In September

Discover the best flowers to sow in September. the beginning of autumn is the best time to sow some of your favourite spring and summer flowering plants – poppies, lupins, cornflowers, larkspur and lots more, are all best seeded now, ready to grow quickly as soon as the days lengthen and the weather warms. For flowers for all seasons, head over to our section dedicated to when to sow flower seeds.

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This month sow the wildflowers primrose and cowslip in a cold frame.

Sweet peas can be sown in a cold frame or unheated greenhouse to over-winter. The young plants can be planted out in March/April to obtain early blooms.

Once summer bedding plants have been removed from your borders, plant spring flowering plants such as bellis (daisy), pansy, polyanthus, primrose and wallflowers along with spring flowering bulbs. When rose blooms have faded a last deadheading of roses can be done, and taller stems may be slightly shortened so that movement from wind can be reduced.

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