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Acer Trees

Grow acer trees in pots for a stunning focal point that's slow growing and low-maintenance. With their beautiful foliage, graceful habit, and vibrant autumn colours, acer plants are a great option for patios, balconies, or anywhere you need a showpiece that's also easy to care for. Commonly known as Japanese Maple, acers are just one of the wide range of ornamental and fruit trees on offer here at Suttons.

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Acer trees - a quick guide

As a specimen plant, there’s little to beat acer trees whether grown in garden containers or borders. While they are known for a firework display of colour in autumn, many also have beautiful early growth. ‘Red Flamingo’ has young leaves with a pink flush while ‘Sango-kaku’ has beautiful coral-red stems.

Plant acers in a sheltered spot away from harsh winds that can damage their foliage.

How to plant an acer tree

Make sure the ground has been well prepared with plenty of organic matter. Most acer trees will grow in sun or part-shade but variegated and golden varieties are best in part-shade. Ensure your tree is planted to the same depth as it was in the container. Water and give large trees a supporting stake until they are established.

How and when to prune an acer tree

Prune while dormant after the leaves have dropped to improve the shape if necessary, and to remove any damaged or dead growth.

How to care for acer trees

Keep newly planted trees well-watered in dry weather for their first year. Container-grown trees will need regular watering and roots should be protected from severe weather by wrapping the pot in fleece. Mulch annually with compost or bark keeping it away from the trunk.

For more helpful advice read our expert tips on growing acer trees.