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Petunia Plants

Petunia plants, delivered as plugs, are perfect to fill your borders, containers, and hanging baskets with colour this summer. Here you'll find our full range of petunia plants featuring all the main varieties. Whether you're searching for single or double blooms, we offer an excellent selection of petunias to include in your summer planting scheme. For more flower plants, be sure to check out our full collection of flower plugs.

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Petunia Plants

The Petunia is a member of the potato family, but while this trusty vegetable is busy under the soil, these fabulous flowers are intent on gaining your attention above ground. Petunias are surely top of the list for any summer bedding display and their ease of growth and variety of colour makes them a reliable choice year after year.

Upright petunias are glorious, filling pots or beds in no time and with our FI Select Improved Mix, coming in a lovely kaleidoscope of colours to celebrate summer. However, it is the trailing varieties that really shine with their spectacular clouds spilling from hanging baskets or planters.

 The Surfinia range are the original trailing petunias flower and are reliable and weather resistant, so come rain or shine they will not be deterred. 'Surfinia Purple' offers cascades of rich velvet single purple blossoms all summer long.

Surfinia Tumberlina add even more glamour with their double ruffled blooms, filled with the sweetest of scents. Try 'Priscilla Profusion' for lilac filled baskets and containers that neighbours will covert. 

 Petunias look well with other basket plants such as Bacopa or Calibrachoa. In fact, Suttons have a range of petunias available which are crossed with calibrachoas. Super Petunia Beautical plants - Caramel Yellow offer stunning blossoms making the most of Calibrachoa shades and bushy growth and the impressive trumpet flowers and ease of cultivation of the petunias. Petunias have a habit of feeling a little sticky, a defence mechanism against insect attack, this is a condition you won't find on these new crosses!

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