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Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring flowering bulbs are so easy to grow – just plant your spring bulbs from October to December, then sit back and enjoy cheerful blooms from late February on. Grow spring bulbs to provide colour and spectacle while you wait for your summer flowering bulbs to come into their own. Ideal for your borders, to grow in containers, or to naturalise into your lawn – spring bulbs are just one part of the massive selection of flowering bulbs and tubers on offer here at Suttons.

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Spring Flowering Bulbs - A Quick Guide

Spring flowering bulbs provide lots of interest and spectacle during the period before your perennial plants come through. To make sure you get the best from your bulbs, it pays to plan well in advance, getting them into the ground during the autumn so that you can look forward to your garden erupting with colour come the spring.

When to plant spring flowering bulbs

Autumn is the best time to plant your bulbs. We deliver spring bulbs ready to go straight into the ground from mid-September until the end of November, meaning you have plenty of time to plant your display and plant your bulbs before the first frosts of winter.

Where to plant spring bulbs

Spring-flowering bulbs are well suited to a sunny patch in rich, well-drained soil. Bulbs are very simple to plant, but acquiring some garden hand tools such as a bulb planter will make the process even easier.

How to plant spring bulbs

Most spring bulbs and corms like daffodil bulbs and crocuses should be planted at a depth of three times their height, but tulip bulbs often benefit from planting a little deeper, at approximately 20cm deep, depending on bulb size. Some bulbs are great for planting in a scattered pattern for a more naturalised look, whereas others should be planted more carefully at set distances from one another. Always check the growing instructions for the particular bulbs you choose.

Grow spring bulbs for cut flowers

When growing spring bulbs as cut flowers, the process of planting and maintaining the bulbs is the same as growing them for outdoor enjoyment. The secret is to cut the flowers when they've only just started to open and to do so in the morning, as this is when they’re most hydrated. This will give your flowers a fresh appearance and a long life inside your home.

For more information on growing bulbs, we offer an expert guide featuring lots of advice collated from skilled growers online. We also offer more resources to help get you started with our own guide to growing spring bulbs. For those who’re intrigued by the prospect of indoor blooms you can enjoy during the winter, we also have a guide to forcing spring bulbs to flower in time for Christmas.