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Flower Seeds

Experience the world that blossoms from growing flowers from seeds, with a breath-taking variety to choose from. Our comprehensive range is carefully selected to provide you with beautiful flowers to suit every situation. There’s something very satisfying about growing them yourself!
Why settle for a poor relation when you can grow the most amazing flower seeds suited for your garden with over 200 years of confidence supporting your decision. Our seed quality guarantee gives you that extra piece of mind and each packet comes with full sowing guidelines and other useful hints and tips.
When you choose Suttons Flower seeds you know you will have a high germinating, great value and comprehensive range of flower seeds including all your favourites such as poppies, plus new flowers to try.

  1. When to Sow Flowers

    When to Sow Flowers

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    All Flower Offers

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    View All Flower Seeds

    Experience the magic of growing flowers from seed with Suttons.


Organic Flower Seeds
With roughly 15 million organic gardeners in the UK, we feel that Our carefully selected organic range is a perfect place to start if you’re thinking of growing organically. Our organic seeds have been produced without using pesticides or synthetic fertilisers, meaning they have been raised in a way that is beneficial to the environment.

Featured Ranges
We have selected some of our favourite ranges to share with you! Anything from fun to grow seeds for kids to houseplants.
Some of our absolute favourites are:
With minimal effort required, fast flowers are a perfect way to fill a gap in your garden or for the impatient gardener, see results fast. They are an excellent place to start if you are just beginning to garden.
We recommend trying The Marigold French Seeds - Boy O Boy mix. Bright yellow, weather tolerant flowers or vibrant sunflowers.

Native British Wildflowers
Go wild with our range of wildflowers native to the UK. Our range of wildflowers really let you soak up the look of the amazing English countryside.
Our top picks: The honey bee mix, they look great and help the honeybees.