New A-Z Flower Seeds 2021

Unsurprisingly, Suttons’ 2021 catalogue has an extensive collection with 15 new and exciting varieties of flower seed added this year.

We've included cottage garden favourites, ‘must have’ annuals and the pick of perennials to grow from seed for year after year colour, scent and interest to fill both garden and home – whilst keeping the wildlife happy too!

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New A-Z Veg Seeds 2021

The good life just got even better with introductions of easy to grow greens for staying healthy and a new leaf mix to forage from your back door. This year, we've added 21 new varieties to keep your allotments, veg patches and containers well stocked.

There are exciting new breeding breakthroughs with additions to our crimson family, varieties with improved habits and longer lasting crops. There are forgotten finds in herbs, with multiple uses from culinary to natural remedies, and there’s dual purpose to be found in growing for sustainability.

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New Organic Seeds 2021

We’ve grown our popular range of organic vegetable seeds to include an additional 9 wonderful varieties. Each have been produced organically, so you can best maintain your organic garden or try something new.

You’ll find mouth-watering varieties, with everything from colourful rainbow chard to tasty toms & beyond! Discover the Reisetomate, the ‘Voyager Tomato’ with individual segments an interesting heritage.

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Grow Salad for Summer Range

Salad is a must-have on every gardener’s list and there’s nothing more satisfying than serving up a plate of homegrown goodness! Perfect for beginners or those in a rush, the Grow Salad for Summer range is perfect for choosing how long you wait for summer crops.

You decide how much time to invest, with sprouting seeds in as little as 7 days! In 2-3 weeks, you can have a crop of luscious leaves and in 8 weeks you can harvest tangy spring onions, tasty radishes and crunchy carrots too!

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Other Ranges

Our new seed varieties highlight the very best new additions to our range, but we also have returning customer favourites, which are equally exciting and vital to your garden. Attract pollinators, go native and discover botanical infusions below!

James Wong Range

Did you know you can create natural remedies at home? Develop your own botanical infusions from seed, with a little guidance from James Wong and our online recipes! Including cough syrup, mint soothers and a healing balm.

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Predators & Pollinators

Our Pollinators and Predators collection includes seeds for bees and other beneficial insects. The natural behaviours of pollinators and predators will increase your crop productivity and help to reduce insect pest numbers!

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Native British Wildflowers

Forget the meticulous borders and careful colour patterns, it's time to go wild in your garden! We’re bringing back some of our favourite native British flowers to capture the look of the beautiful English countryside at home.

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