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Eschscholzia Seeds

Poppies are a famous plant, appearing not only in gardens but also in art and culture. They have stunning flowers, from the eccentric oriental to the historically important Field Poppy. Eschscholzia (California Poppy) blend very naturally into the garden too. 

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Why Grow Poppy & Eschscholzia Seeds? 

Many types of plants are described as Poppy. These can be perennial, biennial or annual. A little bit of homework to plan how you choose the seeds of these fantastic plants. Suttons have poppy seeds representing a wide range of poppy varieties, ‘Lilac Pom-Pom’ are a marshmallow pink with heavily petalled character and offer something a little bit different.

The red ‘Field Poppy’ is the one Poppy we all know due to its association with our brave war heroes. For an amazing perennial Poppy, try the electric blue Himalayan Poppy ‘Lingholm’.

Californian Poppies are so easy to grow, an unfussy plant that really gives you your monies worth. A little bit of effort will see these plants naturalise and become part of your outdoor space.

Growing Poppies From Seed

How Long Do Poppies Take To Grow From Seed?

It all depends on the variety of poppy seed. In general, you need to allow 7-30 days for poppies to germinate, depending on the poppy variety, the condition of soil and temperatures. Check your poppy seed packet for details.

These versatile plants look so natural when planting in drifts. Poppies are loved by bees and support our precious pollinators. A packet of Field Poppies bought from Suttons will mean that a donation will be made to an armed forces charity.

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