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Delivery from £1.99
Over 25,000 5 Star Trustpilot Reviews
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Beekeeping Specialists

More and more of us are discovering the joys of beekeeping, and as the proud owners of National Bee Supplies we offer everything you need to keep a healthy hive. From starter kits for beginners, to quality equipment & gifts for all beekeepers, you'll find it at NBS.

Beekeeping with Suttons

Of course, it's not all about hives and honey! Suttons have a bee-rilliant range of seeds & plants designed to attract pollinators and other helpful insects to your garden. If you'd like to explore the world of beekeeping, use offer code SUT521 for 5% off your order at National Bee Supplies.

Seed & Plant Ranges

Bees have a huge impact on our gardens and environment, attracting them to your outside space is a fantastic way to support the declining population. For this reason, we’ve created bee-friendly seed & plant ranges specifically designed to attract bees and other helpful insects to your garden, each serving an individually important purpose.

Beekeeping Gifts

We all know somebody who loves everything about bees – and our collection of beekeeping gifts makes it easy to pick something special for those celebrations all year round. From beautiful bee-inspired jewellery, to honey products and homeware, we're thrilled to present a collection of gifts that's all about the humble bee.

National Bee Supplies, part of the Suttons Group

National Bee Supplies are proud to be the leading craftsmen of handmade beehives, using a combination of tried and tested techniques and exciting new innovations to offer a complete range of beekeeping equipment. Quality craftsmanship and customer service are cornerstones of the company’s ethos, making our products the very best on the market for all beekeepers.

Hive Quality

Our handmade artisan hive range are made to exacting requirements and checked against the highest quality control standards, making them one of the very best hives on the market. When you purchase a fully assembled hive from NBS, you know you are purchasing quality every time.

Craftsmanship - We know that buying a hive is a significant investment, and we ensure that every hive is carefully crafted to the highest standards.

Quality - We only use premium cuts of wood to make our hives. We cut from the centre of the sections, avoiding the sapwood and the tough wood

Experience - Our team have decades of experience at beekeeping and honey production, and we're proud to offer expert advice and support for beekeepers of all Levels.

Metal Parts - We use quality galvanised metal for our varroa floors, trays and runners. This Makes our parts longer lasting and hard wearing.

Expertly - Our hives come with a 10 year guaranteed, and each one is expertly finished to offer quality and a beautiful appearance.

Seasoned Timber - Our hives are made from seasoned timber, to ensure a finer finish and less chance of wood splitting, shrinking or twisting.

How-To Videos

Our customers choose NBS for the quality and craftsmanship of all our hives and parts. We’ve been making hives for almost 40 years, so whether you choose to buy your hive and parts assembled or flat-packed, you’ll receive the same exceptional finish.

However, many of our customers have asked for a little assistance above and beyond our instruction documents, which are supplied with every order... And we’ve listened! In response, we’ve created 6 step-by-step video tutorials, which will help to guide you through the construction of your hive components, from frames, to roofs & brood chambers and beyond.

View Our How-To Videos

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