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Bean Plants

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Bean plants are legumes and there are many different types including the ever-popular runner beans, broad beans, French beans and more. Each type of bean plant has its own requirements with some like the broad bean being hardy whereas others, like the runner bean being tender.

Runner and French bean plants often have very pretty colourful flowers and make an attractive addition to the flower bed and Borlotti beans have stunning speckled pods.

In addition to colourful flowers and food packed with protein bean plants will fertilise your patch for next season’s crop.

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  1. Bean (Dwarf French) Plants - Compass Quick View

    Bean (Dwarf French) Plants - Compass

    Despatch from May 2021 12 Garden Ready Plugs
  2. Bean (Runner) Plants - Firestorm Quick View

    Bean (Runner) Plants - Firestorm

    Despatch from May 2021 12 Garden Ready Plugs
  3. Bean (Runner) Plants - Moonlight Quick View

    Bean (Runner) Plants - Moonlight

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  4. Runner Bean Plants - Super Trio Collection Quick View

    Runner Bean Plants - Super Trio Collection

    Available Soon 12 Garden Ready Plugs (a mix of the 3)
  5. Bean (Runner) Plants - Tenderstar Quick View

    Bean (Runner) Plants - Tenderstar

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  6. Dwarf French Bean Duo Pot Plant Quick View

    Dwarf French Bean Duo Pot Plant

    Available Soon 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant


Showing 13 product(s)

Further information: Bean Plants.

Where to grow? - Most are happy either in the veg patch or grown in containers, the key thing is not to let them dry out and to give them support. Canes, twigs, trellis, netting or even a wall to clamber up will mean your bean plants take up very little space.

How to grow? – This depends on the individual type although in general all bean plants like an open sunny position with shelter from strong winds. As part of your annual crop rotation pick a patch where you haven’t grown bean plants before. They are happy in the spot where you grew potatoes last year.

Pinching out the tops of your bean plants will encourage bushy growth.

When to harvest? – Again, this depends on the individual variety.

How to eat? – An excellent source of protein for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Boil or steam and eat as a side veg, eat raw in salads, add to soups and stews, turn into hummus, eat with feta or goats cheese and lemon juice, add to a risotto, etc., etc., etc. There really is an endless list of ways to eat the wonderful range of beans.

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