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Raspberry Plants

With our bumper cropping raspberry plants you will be delighted with your results and enjoy eating fresh raspberries picked from your own raspberry bushes. Raspberries are incredibly easy to grow and one of the most popular summer berries.

There are plenty of raspberry plants which you will want to grow such as the top-performing Brice, early-ripe Malling Minerva or even the yellow-coloured All Gold!

Browse our range of raspberry plants and try something different today. You can trust that your raspberry plant will be despatched at just the right time for you to successfully plant and grow it in your garden. Quality guaranteed!

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  1. Raspberry Plants - Yummy Quick View

    Raspberry Plants - Yummy

    1 or 3 x 12cm Potted Plants
  2. Raspberry Plants - Groovy Quick View

    Raspberry Plants - Groovy

    1 or 3 x 12cm Potted Plants
  3. Raspberry Bare Root Plants - All Season Collection Quick View

    Raspberry Bare Root Plants - All Season Collection

    Despatch from November 2020 15 Bare Root Plants (canes) - 5 of each variety
  4. Raspberry Plant - Glen Coe Quick View

    Raspberry Plant - Glen Coe

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
  5. Raspberry Plants - Octavia Quick View

    Raspberry Plants - Octavia

    5 or 10 Plants (canes)
  6. Raspberry Plants - All Gold Quick View

    Raspberry Plants - All Gold

    Despatch from November 2020 5 Plants (canes)
  7. Raspberry Plant - Little Sweet Sister Quick View

    Raspberry Plant - Little Sweet Sister

    Despatch from June 2021 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
  8. Raspberry Plants - Long Cane Glen Ample Quick View

    Raspberry Plants - Long Cane Glen Ample

    Available Soon Pack of 10 Plants (canes)


Showing 12 product(s)
raspberry plants

Growing your own raspberries

With the exception of strawberries, probably nothing brings thoughts of summer days to mind quite like the taste, or scent of raspberries. Full of vitamins and minerals, this delicious fruit follows hot on the heels of the strawberry crop. With ever-bearers, and both summer and autumn fruiting varieties, you can have a four month long picking season.

Growing this fruit needs space, but is not too time consuming after planting. Select a sheltered, sunny position and incorporate plenty of well rotted manure or compost a month before planting. The best time for planting your raspberry plantis October, but autumn fruiting varieties can be planted through until March. Water well, this is a thirsty crop. When you plant them allow at least 35cm (14") between canes, and feed with a high potash fertiliser (a tomato feed will be ideal).

  • Feed Raspberry Plants with a general fertiliser in March and mulch with a thick layer of well rotted manure or compost and remove any suckers.
  • Summer fruiting plants will require support.
  • Plant a modern thornless raspberry variety to avoid the need to wear armoured gloves when harvesting. There are also some beautiful yellow fruited cultivars on the market that have a unique flavour, and good yields.
  • Don't want to wait for your first crop? Why not buy longer raspberry canes with year old fruiting wood that will give you fruit in the first year.