Fun To Grow Range

Fun To Grow - New Childrens Range

The NEW Fun to Grow range from Suttons is a fun and educational way to get Kids growing flowers, fruit & veg. Great for party bags, popped in a birthday card or perfect as a stocking filler!

Many kids find watching something grow from a tiny seed into something real that they helped grow, is incredibly satisfying to them, and the level of interest we’ve found from the ‘digital generation’ may surprise you...

Specially developed for 4-10 year olds, these packs are highly educational and have been designed to link closely with Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum.

It’s also a great way of showing kids where their food comes from, and can be particularly helpful to introduce vegetables to fussy eaters, as more often than not, they’ll want to eat what they’ve grown!

There’s also a character on each packet which resembles what they can grow, and some even include stickers to make them look even more like them! The packs may also include goodies specific to each seed, such as a tape measure in the sunflower pack, or a magnifying glass to study bugs in the calendula pack!

Whatever the time of year, indoor or outdoors, there’s always something in the range you can grow.

Educational Games

There’s also plenty of fantastic downloads below then can further excite our next-generation gardeners to grow more!

My Flower Chart Game

How tall are my flowers? Keep a log of how your flowers are growing over the weeks with this download chart.

My Veg Chart Game

How tall are my veg plants? Down load this colourful chart to log your veg as it grows over the weeks.

Colour In Veg Garden Game

Keep within the lines and show your family your knowledge of veg.

Colour In Flower Garden Game

How colourful are your flowers? Colour in and show off your art skills.

Best Beast Top Trumps Game

Download, print and impress your family and friends with your knowledge of garden bugs and beasts.

Insect Masks Game

Download and print, then colour in your bug mask. It comes with 3 different insects to play with your friends.