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Calendula Seeds

Calendulas are easy to grow, unfussy and heavy flowering. Once up and running they will be fizzing with colour and loved by Bees. Dot in and about your garden, they are free spirits that will happily self-seed and make themselves a home.

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Why Grow Calendula?

Brightly coloured and demanding attention the non-stop flowering Calendula fits into any garden. Fairly low growing its perfect for the front of hardy annual, herbaceous borders or along the edges of allotment beds. Suttons have some cracking varieties to grow from seed including ‘Kinglet mixed’, the traditional yellow and orange flowers. For something a bit different try the spiky Orange ‘Porcupine’ or even a bit of a curveball with ‘Pink Surprise’.

When To Sow Calendula Seeds?

Calendula seeds should be sown between March and May outdoors, for flowering from June to September, or sown in August to September for flowering in May to July.

How To Grow Calendula From Seed? 

Calendulas are hardy annuals, so can be sown and grown in the spot you want to flower.

To encourage continual flowering use florist scissors to deadhead. It’s possible to use the dried flower for decoration. These plants are profuse flowerers and will go until first light frosts.

Calendulas can grow in full sunshine or partial shade. As they are great for wildlife why not broadcast in a wildflower or natural setting. A bright energic plant that once established will freely adapt to a garden.

What Is Calendula Good For?

Calendula fit nicely into a herb or mixed herb medicinal border. Calendula is traditionally used as a balm for wounds. It has healing, aromatic leaves. Calendula petals can be used in cooking, as they have a peppery taste.

How Do You Germinate Calendula Seeds?

Calendula seeds should germinate within 10 to 15 days. As the seedlings develop thin them in stages to achieve the final spacing of about 20cm between each plant

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