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Perennial Front of Border Plants

Choose from a large selection of perennial front of border plants with a variety of sizes (up to 30cm in height), habits and colours. Fill even the largest of borders with great swathes of colour with these beautiful border essentials, and enjoy years of pleasure.

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Plants for the front of a border

It’s best to plant small perennial plants for front of border in order to make a bigger impact, as well as hide the stems of the plants behind them. If you don’t have edging on your border, you can use the front of border plants to mask the edges, even have them slightly spill out onto the lawn or garden path, depending on how informal you’d like your border to be.

Perennial front of border plants are shorter in height than middle or back of border plants. This allows the border to look more cohesive, and ensures that all plants are given equal exposure. 

Many of the plants in this collection are wildlife attracting plants, meaning that your borders won’t just create a buzz with colour, they’ll also be alive with pollinator activity, benefiting both your garden and the environment.

There are many plants to choose from for this section of your border, but you can also choose by flowering times so that your border is evenly flowered. View our user-friendly Perennial Plants Flowering Times Guide chart, which displays popular perennials in a month by month calendar view.

Popular perennial front of border plants

Delosperma - Also known as the Ice Plant, Delosperma produces ground-hugging, trailing foliage that looks just as good in borders as it does in decorative pots. Available in many different colours, these plants are just perfect for adding a bright and bold effect to the front of your borders.

Fuchsia - A much-loved plant for containers and hanging baskets, Fuchsias are also perfect front of border plants. They grow well in moist-but-well-drained, fertile soil in a sunny position. 

Geranium - Geraniums are a favourite of many gardeners for a reason! They produce cheerful, colourful blooms that last for months. Plus, they’re hardy and reliable, flowering year after year with very little maintenance.

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