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Perennial Back of Border Plants

Dress your borders with this large selection of perennial back of border plants. Choose from a variety of sizes (71cm and above in height), habits and colours to add interest and height to this area of your garden, as well as complementing your other border perennials.

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Tall Perennial plants for the back of borders

For gardens with larger borders, introducing a row of tall border plants at the back adds height and masks fences and walls with colourful plant life. These plants will tie your entire border together, bringing cohesiveness to your display while adding extra pizzazz.

Many of the plants in this collection are wildlife attracting plants. This means that your borders will buzz with both colour and pollinator activity year on year, benefiting both your garden and the environment.

Struggling to coordinate your plant flowering times so that your entire border comes to life at once? View our user-friendly Perennial Plants Flowering Times Guide chart, which displays popular perennials in a month by month calendar view.

Top plants for the back of a border

Lupin - A cottage garden favourite, Lupins bring lots of height and lovely, pastel colours to borders. Best suited to full sun or partial shade in moist but well-drained soil, these plants are adored by bees and can re-flower in autumn after deadheading summer blooms.

Delphinium - Similar to Lupins, Delphiniums produce tall spikes with colourful summer flowers. These are tall plants, so they will require staking, but are worth the extra maintenance in summer when their blooms appear.

Aquilegia - Producing wonderful bell-like flowers, Aquilegia is a beautiful back of border addition. This is a nectar-rich plant that bumblebees adore; plus, Aquilegias self-seed, which is ideal for naturalistic borders!

Escallonia - Why not opt for a compact shrub at the back of your borders? Escallonia is perfect for filling out a large border, and produces a profusion of flowers in summer, tying in with your front and middle of border plants. A low-maintenance shrub, Escallonia rarely requires pruning.

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