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Allium Bulbs

Allium bulbs are early summer flowering ‘ornamental onions’, which grow harmoniously with so many other border plants. Alliums are arguably the most fashionable of plant bulbs, prevalent in high-end garden design and always featured at the top horticultural shows. A must-have for your herbaceous borders.

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Allium Bulbs Guide

Alliums have made a swift rise to fame over the past couple of decades. Anyone who is anyone seems to grow alliums, they are a staple of every stately home and on every gardener's wish list. These magnificent bulbs burst onto the scene in May and June, filling your early borders with structure and sophistication. Alliums also make excellent cut flowers.

Recommended alliums

A classic for a first-time ornamental allium grower, is the 'Purple Sensation' bulb with its deep rich purple balls and strong silhouette.

For flower heads with wow-factor choose the 'Globemaster' variety, they're a real show-stopper. The flowers resemble footballs, and as with all alliums, their dried seed heads after flowering are equally as valuable when left in the border or taken inside and displayed as dried flowers.

White alliums have become increasingly popular and 'Mount Everest' is a perfect performer. A stunner in a white border scheme. The epitome of elegance when planted amongst other whites and greens - perhaps surrounded by box (Buxus) hedging.

If you like the unusual, there are plenty of options available to offer a twist away from the classic balls of beauty. 'Hair' displays a crazy green tangle of fun - while 'Nectaroscordum siculum' produces umbels of creamy, green lilac flowers - a real talking point.

When to plant allium bulbs

Plant alliums in early to mid-autumn at a depth of about 3 to 4 times the height of the bulb and fill your borders with en vogue elegance.

Where to plant allium bulbs

All alliums work well in a prairie-style design, planted amongst grasses. Their love of dry sunny spots and good drainage also makes them a perfect gravel garden candidate.

Don't forget to complement your alliums with a variety of spring flowering bulbs for an explosion of colour early in the year.