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Pea Seeds

Pea seeds are an easy and cost-effective way to grow one of the best summer crops. Full of flavour, they can be harvested and cooked from fresh or frozen for future use. Choose from traditional peas in a pod, to mangetout and sugar pod types that are eaten whole, and pea shoots for adding flavour year-round to salads. The variety and versatility of peas make them one of our most popular vegetable seeds.

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Why Grow Peas From Seed? 

Peas are one of those crops that’s best eaten fresh from harvest and growing them from seed allows you to do that. They’re quick to germinate, easy to grow and their large size makes them ideal seeds for kids. For more expert pea growing advice, see our guide on getting a bumper crop of peas and frequently asked questions below.

The most popular pea seeds

‘Early Onward’ is one of the first to crop. ‘Blauwschokker’ is an unusual heritage variety that produces purple pods that can be eaten young as mangetout or left to mature to produce sweet green peas. ‘Telephone’ is an heirloom variety that produces tall plants that are ideal for vertical space-saving gardening.

How to grow pea seeds

Starting pea seeds under cover allows you to sow earlier when cold, wet soil would rot the seed. Sow into root trainers, small pots or deep modules putting three seeds per pot or module and about 5cm deep in multi-purpose compost. Plant out when the plants are around 20cm tall, into ground that has had plenty of organic matter added. Add support – either canes and string or ‘pea sticks’ made from shrub prunings.

Pea seeds can also be planted directly into the ground at the base of supports once the soil has warmed.

When to plant pea seeds

Pea seeds are divided into first and second earlies and maincrop. Sow first earlies from February undercover or from March outside. Follow these with second earlies and sow maincrop from early summer. Sow fortnightly to get a continuous supply. Hardy varieties such as ‘Douce Provence’ can be sown in autumn and overwintered in a cold frame to plant out in spring.

How long does it take for pea seeds to germinate?

It takes between seven and 14 days for pea seeds to germinate.

How to stop mice and other pests eating pea seeds

Sow seeds under cover and plant out when peas are growing strongly. Protect crops from birds with plant netting.