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Herb Seeds

Herb seeds offer an abundance of benefits for just a few pounds. Soothe, refresh and add flavour to food and drink with these wonderful herbs, or simply add beauty to your borders and pots. Easy to grow in the garden, patio pots or a window box, no garden is complete without a good selection of herb plants. The perfect complement to the crops from your vegetable seeds, all gardeners should have a place for herb seed on their gardening calendar.

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Why grow herbs from seed?

No kitchen garden is complete without herbs. Growing your own herb seeds is far cheaper than buying herbs from a supermarket and you can harvest just as much as you need with no wastage. We’ve also got advice on preserving and drying herbs so you can get added flavour year-round.

Herb seeds are a cost-effective way of trying something a little different. We’ve got purple basil, chamomile and lemon grass among the more familiar parsley, sage and thyme.

When to sow herb seeds

Most herb seeds are best sown in spring although you can grow chives on a windowsill year-round.

How to grow herb seeds

Sow into seed trays filled with seed or multi-purpose compost and put into a heated propagator or cover with a plastic bag. Prick out and grow on until the plants are established and have been hardened off, ready for planting outside. Some herb seeds, including coriander and dill, are best sown directly into soil from March onwards.

Essential herb seeds for cooking

Parsley, thyme, rosemary, mint, oregano, sage, basil and chives are the basis of any herb garden.

For more information read our herb growing guide.