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Herb Seeds

Easy to grow in the garden, patio or a window box, no garden is complete without a good selection of herbs. Herbs are not only crucial to our cuisine but also beautiful, have a fantastic aroma and are great for wildlife. The perfect complement to the crops from your vegetable seeds, all gardeners should indulge themselves in growing herbs

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Why grow Herbs? 

Herbs are a range of plants that perform a multitude of roles, from culinary herbs to medical herbs and just for their beauty and aroma in the garden. Lavender is used for it’s aromatic / sleeping / therapeutic qualities. Culinary herbs such as Basil seeds & Chives for grazing and adding to a huge range of dishes. Shrubby herbs like Rosemary and Thyme, grown for multiply uses also add to the structure and character to a garden. Their versatility means they can be grown in containers and gardens.

Growing Herbs From Seed

Herb compost requirements

What are the best herb seeds to grow?

Nothing tastes better than cooking with your own homegrown herbs!

For more information see our herb growing guide

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