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Grow Your Own Mushrooms

Mushroom growing kits allow you to grow exotic shiitake, king oyster and colourful oyster mushrooms on a windowsill indoors or in your back garden. If you've always fancied growing your own fungi, you'll find lots to get excited about here at Suttons. Each mushroom kit includes a base tray, lid, and pre spawned substrate with easy to follow instructions. Using our simple mushroom windowsill kits, your first delicious crop of chestnut and button mushrooms will soon be ready to harvest. Be sure to browse our vegetable plants range for more grow your own inspiration.

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Grow your own mushrooms at home

Grow mushrooms at home and you can look forward to harvesting handfuls of fresh fungi ready to add straight into your favourite dishes. Reliable and easy to grow, choose from our wide range of varieties – from white button mushrooms to lion’s mane, and the wonderful umami flavour of shitake, and more.

How do I grow mushrooms at home?

We offer three growing options. If you’re just getting started, a windowsill kit is a great option; alternatively, try one of our logs plugged with dowels impregnated with mushroom spawn, or grow mushrooms from spawn using impregnated plugs which you hammer into holes drilled in any fresh logs (except from pine trees).

How do I care for my mushrooms?

All our kits, logs, and plugs come complete with instructions to help you get the best results. We also offer an expert guide to cultivating mushrooms featuring great advice from some of the best gardening bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers, plus an online guide to growing mushrooms from our windowsill kits

How quickly do mushrooms grow?

Depending on the variety you’re growing and the substrate you use, this varies quite a bit. Our chestnut mushroom windowsill kits, for example, begin to produce in a matter of weeks; other varieties like lion’s mane can take a while before they decide to fruit – up to 18 months. Remember, fungi are somewhat mysterious and therefore hard to predict. Be patient and you’ll be richly rewarded – our logs and plugs will produce repeat crops for several years. 

Mushrooms are fun to grow and care for, providing lots of lovely produce for the table. Our kits, logs, and plugs are also sure to be a talking point guaranteed to pique the interest of visiting family, friends, and neighbours.