Plant Sizes - How to choose what's right for your garden!

Unsure which plant sizes you need for your flower bed or hanging basket? From plug plants right to through to our larger potted plants, our handy guide will help you find out which is best for your needs. It also gives you hints and tips on growing the various sized plants.

Seeds & Bulbs

Plug Plant Sizes

Plug Plants

Grown using an innovative cartridge plug system, these young plants have an extra strong root system. The slender plastic packaging and layout of the plants also mean that most packages will easily fit through modern letterboxes, ensuring they arrive as fresh and healthy as possible.

Size: 3-6cm

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Postiplug Plants

Postiplugs are superb value and can be planted straight into baskets and other containers for great versilitiy. A popular size for good reason! Plant parcels will fit through most standard letterboxes, so the plants will be fresher and will arrive sooner just like our smaller plugs.

Size: 5-9cm

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Jumbo Plug Plants

Perfect for planting straight into baskets and other containers. With a large 3-4cm compost base and 2-8cm strong green growth above these plants will quickly establish and grow in your garden.
(Plant sizes may vary dependent on variety)

Size: 5-11cm

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Potted Plant Sizes

Potted Plants (5-11cm)

Ranging from 5cm - 11cm in size, these well-established plants are specifically designed to be ready for planting directly into their final positions, as soon as the weather conditions allow for it.

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Large Plants (1-3 Litre)

Ranging from 1- 3 litres in size, these established plants allow you to create an instant effect in your garden. Check your soil before planting, and avoid planting if it's frozen or waterlogged.

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Large Plants (4-9 Litre)

Ranging from 4-9 litres in size, these plants are supplied at the optimal size for planting directly into their final positions, unless the soil in your garden is frozen or waterlogged.

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Bare Root Types

Bare root means exactly that - no soil or compost. They are dormant plants that will quickly acclimatise and establish in your garden.

Bare Root Perennials

Easy to grow, and long lasting, our perennial bare roots are quick to acclimatise to your garden

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Bare Root Roses

Naturally dormant they are despatched at the perfect time for planting. Establishing quickly they will create a beautiful and fragrant floral display.

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Bare Root Shrubs/ Hedging

Cost effective and low maintenance, our bare roots shrub and hedging plants provide structure and colour in gardens of all sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Plug plants?

    Plug plants are seedlings which have been germinated and grown in trays of cells. When the roots have grown sufficiently, they can be pushed out of the trays and transplanted into larger pots or planted outside in the ground depending on their size.