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Perennial Plants

We’ve yet to meet a gardener who doesn’t love a trusty perennial. Easy to grow, colourful and varied, perennial plants (also known as herbaceous plants) emerge year after year when spring arrives, making them great value for money as well as a beautiful choice to brighten your borders.

By nature, perennials will live for two years or more, and that means once you’ve planted them you get to sit back and enjoy brightly coloured blooms for years to come. They will die back during the winter, but when the weather warms up and spring rolls around you’ll be treated to bigger, more beautiful plants than the previous year...making this collection a gardener’s dream.

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Easy to grow and colourful, perennial plants are perfect for your garden borders.
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2 Ltr Potted Perennials

Choose from 20 2Ltr potted perennials and create your perfect garden.
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Premier Perennials

Our beautiful perennial plants have larger blooms that flower for longer.

Here at Suttons, we only offer the best varieties, so no matter which of our perennials you opt for, you can look forward to a succession of bright, striking blooms from the start of spring right through to late autumn. The lovely thing about the perennial plant is that it comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes, so choosing your favourites is a fun way to add a touch of character to your borders and keep them interesting. For the best results, our resident experts recommend planting in groups in your borders.

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Perennial Borders

We have front, middle and back border plants to fit your growing space.
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Perennial Collections

Our perennial lucky dips include bright, colourful collections of potted perennials.
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Perennial Plants Pick and Mix

Choose your favourite perennials for less, with our pick and mix offer.

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Whether you’re planting your favourites or trying something new, our user-friendly perennial plants flowering times guide provides a month by month view of key flowering information.

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