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Lily Bulbs

Plant lily bulbs to add a burst of glamour to your summer border. Lilies are extravagant and eye-catching in an array of beautiful colours. Choose oriental lily bulbs for a scent sensation or giant lily bulbs for a stunning feature. Add drama to your garden with these easy to grow flowering plant bulbs.

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About lilies

Lilies are stand out flowers, they are not shrinking violets but rather trumpet their arrival to all around. Well-draining soil is a must and the majority prefer sun.

Oriental lily bulbs

Beloved by florists are the Oriental types - these oriental lily bulbs are where the fragrance comes first.

Many people are wary of the pollen on these lilies, as it can stain clothes and if ingested by cats is poisonous. However, lily stamens can easily be snipped off and cats very rarely eat things that are bad for them! For more info read our guide to pet friendly house plants.

In recent years, pollen-free varieties have been introduced. The Roselily double lilies are stunning with no pollen in sight.

Asiatic lily bulbs

Asiatic lilies are the winners when it comes to bold colours. Combined with a unique flower structure, hardiness and perennial flowering this variety is a popular choice. Gorgeous in a 'hot border' with other exotics such as cannas.

Blooming mostly in July and August, lilies really do fill a gap between the luscious June borders and late summer colour.

Tree lily bulbs

For a truly prima donna performance, tree lilies are an awe-inspiring addition to any garden. They are a cross between Oriental and Asiatic and bring with them sweet fragrance and fantastic colours. Growing to over 2 metres they make a sensational statement in your borders. Try our Tree Lily Bulb Collection for a real taste of these border stars.

Add a touch of theatre to your garden with lilies everyone will love!

Where to plant lily bulbs

Ideally, lily bulbs should be planted in full sun with a little dappled shade for part of the day.

How to grow lily bulbs

To successfully grow lily bulbs: