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Unusual Daffodils

Daffodils (Narcissus) are flowering bulbs celebrated by many from Wordsworth to the Welsh. With over 25,000 different types, it is not difficult to find something more unusual than the standard yellow trumpet. Easy to grow and a welcome addition to any spring garden, why not try a daffodil with a difference?

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It was in the 19th century that daffodil breeding really took off in Britain, that is the creation of new varieties undertaken by keen horticulturalists who crossed different daffodils to result in exciting new introductions. Breeding continues to this day both in this country, particularly in Cornwall but also overseas from Ireland to the Netherlands & USA. Many of these new cultivars are displayed on the show benches across the world as their attributes are accessed by top judges and visiting public alike.

Breeders are looking for a variety of traits from colour to flowering period to the unusual, and this is where things can get interesting! Daffodils are seen everywhere come spring, from verges to front gardens and roundabouts, but unusual Narcissus are not so commonplace. 

'Rip Van Winkle' is a little stunner and you probably wouldn't even recognise it as a daffodil! It is a spiky quirky pom pom of perfection - a real talking point. Bright yellow and miniature, ideal for the front of borders or in pots. 'Hoop Petticoat' is another daffodil with a difference - bright bowls of yellow petals - all cup and tiny petals, great for a rockery or in pots. Pink is not a colour people think of when talking about daffodils and so why not surprise your neighbours by adding a pink daffodil cupped variety to your garden design? 'Chromacolour' is beautiful, pure white daffodil petals with a coral pink large cup.

Other unusual daffodils include double daffodils, displaying multi-petalled blooms of beauty guaranteed to turn horticultural heads.

These bulbs are all easy to care for and once planted will return year after year. All they ask is that you leave their leaves for around 6 weeks after flowering before clearing them away, as this is how they collect the nutrients from the sunlight needed to ensure happy flowering bulbs next year.

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