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Scented Daffodils

When daffodils emerge early on in the year, many bring with them the sweetest of springtime scents. Fresh and often intoxicating, the fragrance of these bulbous beauties creates a lasting impression which will return and multiply year after year. These daffodils will provide you with months of scented heaven to your garden or home.

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There are over 25,000 different daffodil varieties, of which a huge amount offer both nasal and visual satisfaction. 

So it is that a real variety of daffodils are highly scented from yellows to whites and miniatures to doubles

What's the difference between daffodils and narcissi?

In times gone by, many would refer to daffodils as yellow trumpets and Narcissus as the white fragranced blooms. In fact, all daffodils are Narcissus - as this is their Latin name

Which daffodils are fragrant?

Daffodils are grouped into different divisions, and of these, those known as Tazetta types are typically highly fragranced. 'Erlicheer' features many double blooms per stem in a gorgeous cream and yellow - the scent is strong, similar to that of hyacinths. The double daffodils 'Cheerfulness' and 'Yellow Cheerfulness' are well recognised for their perfume. All three varieties can be purchased together in our Scented Collection.

The miniature 'Hawera' daffodil in lemon yellow and the 'Minnow' a dainty white and yellow may be small in size but their scent is sensational. These are perfect for multiple pots by back doors to maximise appreciation. Planted perhaps with blue grape hyacinths for pretty mixed displays.

How to care for Scented Daffodils?

Remember with bulbs to leave foliage on for at least 6 weeks after flowering, only removing it when it has died back. This way the bulb can ensure that it has all the energy required for next year's display.

It's not just outside that daffodils can seduce your senses, specially prepared Paperwhite daffodil bulbs are sold in the autumn. Plant in October in bowls inside and you will have beautifully pungent white blossoms with a Christmas daffodil.

Daffodils really do possess the most exquisite scent - one you'll want to experience!

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