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Crocus Bulbs

Grow crocus bulbs for lots of early spring colour. One of the first spring bulbs to bloom, technically, crocuses are corms rather than bulbs, but no matter – their blooms are a lovely way to welcome the change of season. There's a wealth of choice here, whether you're looking for warm purple or bright yellow crocus blooms. Plant autumn flowering crocus bulbs in July and August for warming bursts of colour as we head into colder months. Just like the rest of your flowering bulbs, they'll come back year after year.

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When to plant crocus bulbs?

For your springtime displays, plant crocus corms in early autumn - September is ideal. Many crocus are native to Turkey and therefore it’s no surprise that they like a sunny well drained spot. They naturalise well in grass soon forming colonies before your very eyes! This is a plant to use in quantity - bold drifts and clumps are what these corms need. They also look well in pots, particularly terracotta.

Sweetly scented saffron crocus are planted in August and September for blooms in October and November. They need a dry sunny spot and are a real aristocrat of the Crocus world. The source of saffron - the world's most expensive spice, said to have been used by Cleopatra in her bath water! The vibrant orange red stigmas at the centre of the purple flowers are harvested and dried to flavour rice and sauces. For more information read our How To Grow Saffron Crocus Guide

Also flowering later in the year and known as 'autumn crocus' are the corms actually called Colchicum. Plant in late summer for an impressive show that same year. These flower mostly in purple on bare stems with the leaves appearing later. They can be planted in small numbers to great effect, as they are more individually showy. 'Waterlily' is very popular with up to 8 flowers per bulb. You can even grow Crocus bulbs indoors on a saucer with no soil needed, just plant out after flowering has finished.

From springtime carpets to an autumn full of spice - Crocus are certainly corms to consider.

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