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Delphinium Plants

Delphiniums are the perfect cottage garden plants. Spires of blue and white and even pink erupt from the back of borders across the country where they are admired as a garden classic. This is a summer must-have which is also popular amongst pollinators.

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These clump-forming perennials which flower from early to mid-summer really are an essential part of any traditional garden design. They create a romantic feel, soft and picturesque, a real floral fairy tale.

Standing to attention, these stately blooms can reach heights of up to 2m, for which staking is recommended. (Suttons sell plant support rings which are perfect for this purpose). Many mid-height and dwarf varieties have been bred too, ideal for pots or border fronts or sites which suffer from regular wind damage.

The blue colouring of many a delphinium is quite simply electric, it is this colour for which they are most widely acknowledged. Few plants represent the true blue spectrum quite as well.

The Magic Fountains range is a group of dense perennials, compact growing to less than a meter in height. Available from Suttons in intense dark blue, sky blue or white - these will add sophistication to your borders in June-August when they come alive.

Cinderella’ is a new variety from New Zealand, having been in the breeding process for 8 years! Growing to about 1.5m, this perfect pink petalled delight has triple flowers! (One better than double!). She really does look like a tall elegant lady dressed in the most gorgeous ruffled gown.

Delphiniums prefer a well-drained fertile soil in full sun and will appreciate watering in dry weather. Their name comes from the Greek word for dolphin - thought to be due to the dolphin like shape of their flower buds.

If you favour a cutting bed or border full of froth, then the annual larkspurs are for you. The foliage is more feathery than their fellow delphiniums and flowers more delicate, although still sending up plumes of petalled perfection. These are often grown for cut flowers and more recently in confetti fields where there petals are perfect for showering the bride and groom with biodegradable blooms.

A cottage garden classic sure to impress. 

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