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Grow Salad For Summer

Salad is a must-have on every gardener’s list and there’s nothing more satisfying than serving up a plate of homegrown goodness at dinner time and our collection of salad seeds makes it easier than ever.

You decide how much time to invest

Ideal for first time growers or for gardeners that prefer quick results, the grow salad for summer range is absolutely perfect for choosing how long you wait for summer crops. With some varieties growing from packet to plate in less than a week and others taking between 12- 14 weeks, there’s plenty to choose from to enjoy fantastic, home grown salad.


In a hurry or just new to growing? Don’t let this get in your way of growing and eating healthily with our range of quick and easy to grow salad. You can grow your seeds 3 different ways: Grow Outside, Grow in Pots, Grow in a Tray. 

Simply follow the instructions on the back of the seed packet once you receive them.