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Vegetable Seeds

Suttons have over 200 years of gardening knowledge and we love sharing our ideas with you. Our fantastic range of vegetable seeds are ideal for growing at home and you can be guaranteed of a high germinating and great tasting harvest.

Whether you want quick-growing vegetables, to inspire your kids, organic vegetable seeds or to create your very own herb garden, we can help with it all.

The quality of our vegetable seeds gives you that extra piece of mind – all our products are tried and tested by our gardeners to ensure you get the best veg possible.

Each seed packet comes with full sowing guidelines plus additional useful hints and tips. From the experienced gardener, to the complete newbie, our range of seeds will help you to maximise your crop.

  1. Popular Vegetable Seeds

    Popular Vegetable Seeds

    Our most popular vegetable seeds, loved by our customers.

  2. When to Sow Vegetables

    When to Sow Vegetables

    There's always something to plant, no matter what time of year it is. Get Inspired!

  3. Featured Vegetable Seed Ranges

    Featured Vegetable Seed Ranges

    View our featured vegetable seed ranges, for every garden & gardener.

  4. All Veg Offers

    All Veg Offers

    View all our great value vegetable offers, conveniently in one place.

  5. Developed by James Wong

    Developed by James Wong

    The renowned ethnobotanist is working with Suttons to develop this range.

  6. Green Manure

    Green Manure

    Green manure ensures your soil gets the nutrients required to give you the best crops.

  7. Herb Seeds

    Herb Seeds

    Grow them in your pots or tubs in the garden - some even on the windowsill!

  8. James Wong Grow For Flavour Seeds

    James Wong Grow For Flavour Seeds

    Growing your own veg, to bring you the best flavour in this exciting range.

  9. Mini Seed Tins

    Mini Seed Tins

    Our mini seed tin range is the ideal gift for any kitchen garden enthusiast...

  10. New Vegetable Seeds

    New Vegetable Seeds

    This is where you'll find all our newest vegetable seed varieties.

  11. Welcome Back Seeds

    Welcome Back Seeds

    Back by popular demand! We're delighted to reintroduce some of these superb varieties.

  12. View All Vegetable Seeds

    View All Vegetable Seeds

    View our entire range of Vegetable Seeds from Suttons, both new and established.


Growing Your Own

There is nothing quite like growing your own veggies and picking them fresh from the garden before going straight into the pot. Creating your own veg patch can become one of the most rewarding experiences and with this selection of our most popular vegetable seeds, you can get growing in your garden or allotment.

There are many benefits of the humble vegetable garden including saving money, eating more healthily and sharing the fruit of your labour with those around you. And all this starts from just a few seeds, so what are you waiting for?

When to sow vegetables

Often growing veg depends on what time of year it is and what sort of weather you’re having. We have used our 200+ years of gardening experience to show you when best to grow your veg. There is also some amazing hints and tips on our blog, so make sure to have a look there too.

Organic Vegetable Seeds

Our organic range of seeds have been carefully selected so that you can take the first step toward an organic garden. There’s something slightly more satisfying about home growing organic vegetables. This range has been produced without any pesticides or synthetic fertilisers making them the best quality and extremely beneficial to the environment! 

Herb Seeds

The nature of herbs means they are very easy to grow, easy to maintain and taste great! They grow perfectly on a patio or even the kitchen windowsill.