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Salad Plants

There’s nothing quite like growing your own goodness, and our collection of salad plants makes it easier than ever to grow your own. You’ll find everything from veg to lettuce mixes for those healthy recipes.

If you love to step out to the garden and grab your own salad leaves, our lettuce mixes mean you can use your outside space (big or small) to grow mixes within weeks. Our salad plants are perfect for those of you who need a plentiful supply of freshly grown produce that works around you, and you can say goodbye to supermarket prices and packs that sit in the fridge…

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  1. Lettuce Plants - 'All-Sorts' Mix Quick View

    Lettuce Plants - 'All-Sorts' Mix

    Despatch from 11/05/2020. 22 Value Plugs
  2. "Mind the Gap" Leaf Salad Collection Quick View

    "Mind the Gap" Leaf Salad Collection

    Despatch from 28/09/2020. 22 Value Plugs (mix of varieties)
  3. Winter Cropping Veg Mix Quick View

    Winter Cropping Veg Mix

    Despatch from 10/08/2020. 22 Value Plugs
  4. Lettuce Plants - Vailan Winter Gem Quick View

    Lettuce Plants - Vailan Winter Gem

    Despatch from 31/08/2020. 22 Value Plugs
  5. Lettuce Plants - Little Gem Quick View

    Lettuce Plants - Little Gem

    Despatch from 08/06/2020. 22 Value Plugs
  6. Bistro Salad Mix Plants Quick View

    Bistro Salad Mix Plants

    Despatch from 11/05/2020. 20 Value Plugs
  7. Lettuce Plants - OutREDgeous Quick View

    Lettuce Plants - OutREDgeous

    Despatch from 01/06/2020. 22 Value Plugs


Showing 8 product(s)