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Tomato Plants

No summer is complete without home-grown tomatoes being included in almost every meal. The fruits are so versatile it’s impossible to ever become bored. Find out why your homegrown tomatoes are better than supermarket bought varieties here.

Any garden, whatever the size, has room for at least a couple of tomato plants, hopefully more. Some varieties of tomato plant do need a greenhouse but others are really happy to be outside and some will even grow in a windowbox or a hanging basket. Space really isn’t an issue.

You can chose from huge beefsteak tomatoes, to standard sized plum tomatoes or even little cherry tomatoes. And don’t assume that all tomatoes are red. Colours now include green, orange, striped and others. We have also run our own taste test in partnership with Exeter University so find out what the tastiest tomatoes you can grow at home are. Find out the results here.

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  1. Tomato Plants - Sungold Quick View

    Tomato Plants - Sungold

    Despatch from 27/04/2020. 3 Super Plugs
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    Grafted Tomato Plants - F1 Crimson Collection

    Despatch from 11/05/2020. 6 x 10cm Potted Plants (2 of each variety)
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    Grafted Tomato Plants - F1 Crimson Collection

    Despatch from 06/04/2020. 6 Super Plugs (2 of each variety)


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MH2719 - Cupido Tomato Grafted Plants

Further Information: Tomato Plants

Where to grow? – Indoor varieties of tomato plants clearly need a greenhouse. Outdoor varieties welcome a sheltered sunny spot in rich fertile soil.

How to grow? – All tomato plants have 3 key requirements – sun, water and feeding. Water regularly and once flowers form feed weekly using tomato feed. Bush varieties can be left to their own devices but the taller cordon varieties will need some support. Cordon varieties also need any side shoots pinching out. Do this carefully when they are about 3cm long. Remove any dead or yellowing leaves from the tomato plant.

Whenever possible increase ventilation by leaving the greenhouse door open.

For comprehensive growing instructions for grafted tomatoes see our Grafted Tomato Plants Growing Guide.

When to harvest? – When they are ripe and fully coloured pick the fruits as required. Leave the calyx still attached. Texture and taste can be adversely affected by cold temperatures so don’t store tomatoes in the fridge.

How to eat? – A whole book is required to detail the different ways in which tomatoes can be cooked. Basil, olives and cheese are natural companions but tomatoes also belong in soups, with pasta, in tarts, in chutneys and homemade tomato ketchup is just gorgeous.

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