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About Grafted Vegetables

Suttons Grafted Vegetable Plants!

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Suttons are revolutionising the home grown vegetable market with its range of grafted vegetable plants!

Commercially the grafting method of vegetable production has been used for some-time, however Suttons have developed the grafted plant for the home gardener and our customers have had extraordinary results. Available for aubergines, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers sweet potato, melons, and squashes, gardeners can expect up to 75% more crop!

All areas of the plants' growing lifecycle are improved from:

  • Big increases in yield from larger more vigorous plants
  • Earlier cropping yet with sufficient vigour to crop well later on in the season
  • Ability to grow in the greenhouse or outdoor with little or no heating required
  • Excellent soil-borne pest and disease resistance– no more ring culture or grow bags – plant straight in the soil
  • Greater tolerance to nutritional disorders

Over the past two years Suttons has introduced a range of 'turbo' grafted vegetable plants, which, from what you've been telling us, have been giving you your best ever vegetable crops. We have introduced several varieties of grafted vegetables into the range.

We've taken the best varieties available and grafted them onto extremely vigorous-growing root stocks. Commercial crops have been grown in this way for a while and have been shown to:

  • Be more vigorous, producing larger plants and heavier crops of top quality fruit!
  • Perform well with little or no heat in your greenhouse, so you save energy and money!
  • Start cropping earlier in spring and continue later into autumn, giving a much longer picking time!
  • Have greater resistance to pests and diseases such as nematodes, fusarium and verticillium wilts!
  • Have less susceptibility to nutritional disorders!

Grafted vegetables perform well in sunny, sheltered spots outside, but are particularly recommended for Greenhouse growing, where they will fulfil their full potential.

Suttons have produced grafted Tomatoes, Grafted peppers, Grafted Melons, Grafted Watermelons, and Grafted Squash.

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Testimonial from Joe Maiden of Kitchen Garden Magazine

The rapid growth and truss production was exceptional, my own seed-raised tomatoes, which must have been about the same age as the grafted plants, were left well behind. The grafted plants were a great success, especially for earliness and flavour. The biggest success was with cucumber Passandra which produced consistently good fruits and in good numbers all season.

View our selection of Grafted Veg

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