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Vegetable Plants

From amateur gardener to budding farmer, we’re sure you will find what you’re looking for in our amazing range of vegetable plants.
Whether you are choosing a vegetable plant collection, a trio of established tomato plug plants or a selection of herb plants for your herb garden, you can guarantee the best vegetable plants will be delivered directly to your door by us. You will be glad to know that your seeds and plants are delivered at just the right time to grow successfully for a bumper crop.
With over 200 years of experience, numerous independent awards
and a no quibble quality guarantee, you will be delighted with the results year in, year out. From our easy to grow grafted plants to our lovely range of mushrooms with products to suit growing in all areas.
All of our products have information on how to look after and when best to grow them on their product page.


  1. Grafted Vegetables

    Grafted Vegetables

    Get Bumper Crops With Grafted Veg

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    All Veg Offers

    View all our great value vegetable offers, conveniently in one place.

  3. Grow Your Own Mushrooms

    Grow Your Own Mushrooms

    White, Chestnut, Oyster and more

  4. View All Vegetable Plants

    View All Vegetable Plants

    Easy to grow veg plants sent to you at exactly the right time.


Vegetable Plug Plants

Much of our range come in the form of plug plants. Quick and easy to plant and great value for money.

Our top picks - The amazing Cucamelon Plants, tasting like cucumber and lime but look strangely like mini watermelons. The classic beetroot, versatile and hardy, grow well in small containers, ready for all of those summer salads. 

Grafted Vegetable Plants

Suttons are transforming the home grown vegetable market with its range of grafted vegetable plants! Although grafting has been used in vegetable production for some time, Suttons has developed the grafted plant for the home gardener, producing fantastic results! 

These plants are perfect if you’re just starting a vegetable garden or if your wanting to turn your garden into a working one. 

Customers confessing their best ever crops coming from our ‘turbo’ grafted plants. These plants really do make any vegetable garden super!