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The only way to savour the superb tastes and textures of new potatoes is when you dig, prepare and cook them yourself; all in the space of a few hours. In order to do this, you need to grow your own!

There are 3 main types of seed potato ; first earlies, second earlies and the maincrop. Each seed potato is planted at a different time in the year depending on when you want to have the crop and the type of potatoes that you want to grow.

Your seed potatoes should be planted from February to early March depending on what variety you chose to plant. The first earlies produce a smaller potato (new potato), and the maincrop produce a bigger potato (a bakers potato).

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    Seed Potatoes - Patio Potato Growing Kit

    Potato Tubers & Planter Bags or Refill Packs
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    Seed Potatoes - Blight Tolerant Collection

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Showing 39 product(s)