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Pots, Planters and Baskets

Create a new dimension to your garden with our stunning range of planters, pots and baskets. From rustic crates and garden art, hanging baskets to planters, we have something for everyone. Treat yourself or others and build a stunning collection for your outside space.

  1. Crates


    Ideal for the gardener, our crates come in many colours and sizes and used for all sorts of uses.

  2. Marberry Planters

    Marberry Planters

    Durable, long lasting and stunning to look at Marberry, Theatre and Rattan Planters

  3. Perching Bird Range

    Perching Bird Range

    Bring a different dimension to your garden with our pretty perching birds range.

  4. Tropical Planters

    Tropical Planters

    Made from glazed ceramic, these modern and vibrant planters are a stunning addition to your home.

  5. Landmark Frames

    Landmark Frames

    Garden frames ideal for your climbing beans and sweet peas. Sturdy and high quality finish for the garden.