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Garden Storage

Protect your valuable garden equipment from the elements - and prying hands - with this range of garden storage products.

Suttons Seeds stock everything from storage bags and boot trays to garden chests and tool stores – all perfectly designed to keep your contents safe.

We believe that garden storage can be more than just a backyard shed; we offer mower stores tool stores and log stores to maximise your garden space and keep it looking as beautiful as possible.

Made from plastic or wood, all storage containers are tough, roomy and easily movable and offer sheltered protection for your garden equipment.

Browse our full collection of garden storage solutions today.

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  1. Universal Tool Rack Quick View

    Universal Tool Rack

    1 rack or packs of 2 clips
  2. Clothes Moth Trap Quick View

    Clothes Moth Trap

    Delivery within 3-5 days Moth Trap
  3. Metal Storette Quick View

    Metal Storette

    Metal Storette - available in 2 sizes
  4. Corner Potting Store Quick View

    Corner Potting Store

    Delivery within 28 days Potting Store
  5. Recycling Box Store Quick View

    Recycling Box Store

    Delivery within 28 days 1 x Recycling Box Store
  6. Double Bin Store Quick View

    Double Bin Store

    Delivery within 28 days 1 x Double Bin Store
  7. Frogsuit Wood Protector Quick View

    Frogsuit Wood Protector

    Delivery within 3-5 days Wood Treatment
  8. Galaxy Plant Shelf Quick View

    Galaxy Plant Shelf

    Delivery within 28 days Plant Shelf
  9. Hidey Hood Quick View

    Hidey Hood

    Choose 90° or 180° Hidey Hood
  10. Hudson Storage Bench Quick View

    Hudson Storage Bench

    Delivery within 28 days Storage Bench
  11. Large Log Store Quick View

    Large Log Store

    Delivery within 28 days Large
  12. Metal Apex Shed Quick View

    Metal Apex Shed

    Metal Shed - available in 3 sizes
  13. Metal Pent Shed Quick View

    Metal Pent Shed

    Metal Shed - Available in 2 sizes
  14. Mini Store Quick View

    Mini Store

    Delivery within 28 days Mini Store
  15. Modern Plant Stand 4 Shelf Quick View

    Modern Plant Stand 4 Shelf

    Delivery within 3-5 days Plant Stand
  16. Oxford Shed Quick View

    Oxford Shed

    Delivery within 28 days Shed 4' x 3'
  17. Patio Storette Quick View

    Patio Storette

    Delivery within 28 days Patio Storette
  18. Premier Range Shed Save 21% Quick View

    Premier Range Shed

    Shed - 5 sizes to choose from
    From£500.99 RRP £636.99


Showing 33 product(s)
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