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Cat Deterrent

What's that slinking through your garden? Next doors cat? If you are fed up with a cat making itself at home and doing its business in your garden, then take a browse through our non-harmful but effective cat deterrents

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Showing 2 product(s)
Stopping Cats in teh Garden

Stopping Cats in the garden

Cats are beautiful, friendly and intelligent animals and with an estimated 8 million in the UK they are clearly very popular pets. With no respect for boundaries most cats roam freely, scaling fences and walls that keep dogs and other pets confined to their own territories. And this is what can cause friction. Not everyone wants someone else's cat either digging in their flower beds and using them as a toilet or killing the garden birds that visit their feeders.

Recent figures from the Mammal Society show that cats kill 275 million prey creatures a year in the UK with 55 million of them being birds. The most frequently caught birds are garden favourites like the house sparrow, blue tit and blackbird.

Of course no-one should ever cause a cat harm but some of us do want ways of deterring them from our gardens. Prikka strips will make fencing and walls less comfortable to scale and a good soaking from a Jet Spray Cat Repeller should make most felines reluctant to return.