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Compost Bins and Composters

Composting is nature's way of recycling so help nature on its way with our range of Compost Bins and Composters from Suttons Seeds.

Compost contains the nutrients plants needed to thrive and helps sandy soil to retain water. If you can, create natural compost by putting your garden waste in a compost bin. This will avoid needing to substitute real for synthetic fertilisers which often release the nutrients too quickly.

Our composting solutions are available in a range of shapes and designs including the beehive, the CompoSphere, Aerobin and Rota.

We also stock compost accelerator products – browse the full collection below.

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  1. Bulrush Grow Bag Quick View

    Bulrush Grow Bag

    Grow Bag x 1 or 3
  2. Green Johanna Quick View

    Green Johanna

    Delivery within 21 days Composter
  3. Compost Accelerator Quick View

    Compost Accelerator

    Delivery within 7 days 5 x 10g Sachets
  4. Hotbin Composter Quick View

    Hotbin Composter

    Delivery within 21 days Composter
  5. Darlac Compost Aerator Quick View

    Darlac Compost Aerator

    Delivery within 7 days Compost Aerator
  6. Beehive Composter Quick View

    Beehive Composter

    Delivery within 21 days Composter
  7. Budget Composter Quick View

    Budget Composter

    Delivery within 21 days Composter
  8. Compost Maker Quick View

    Compost Maker

    Delivery within 7 days 2.5kg
  9. Green Cone Quick View

    Green Cone

    Delivery within 21 days Composter


Showing 13 product(s)