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Garden Equipment

Suttons supply a wide range of high-quality gardening tools and equipment, from hand tools for pruning and hedge cutting to beautiful wooden garden furniture and garden sofas to relax on. Why not add an eye-catching focal point with decorative planters on your garden patio?

Make easy work of gardening tasks with our lawn care and weed killer range. Our pond care equipment will help keep your water feature looking beautiful throughout the year. Why not create your own hanging baskets for a splash of colour or brighten up your garden with solar lights for those warm summer evenings.

We have the right garden equipment for all your gardening needs to help you create your perfect outdoor space.

Buy Garden Equipment and Tools online today.


  1. All Equipment Offers

    All Equipment Offers

    You can view our full selection of garden equipment offers here...

  2. Compost Bins and Composters

    Compost Bins and Composters

    Recycle with our range of Compost Bins and Composters.
  3. Garden Storage

    Garden Storage

    Protect your valuable garden equipment from the elements.
  4. Compost & Plant Food

    Compost & Plant Food

    Give your plants the nutrients they need.

  5. Plant Protection

    Plant Protection

    Protect your delicate young plants with Cloches and Cold Frames.
  6. Plant Supports

    Plant Supports

    Support your plants as they grow and grow!
  7. Pond Care

    Pond Care

    Practical products for your pond.
  8. Propagators and Propagating Equipment

    Propagators and Propagating Equipment

    Equipment to raise your seedlings into healthy young plants.
  9. Raised Bed Gardening

    Raised Bed Gardening

    Raised beds are an ideal way to grow vegetables - or flowers.

  10. Vegetable Growing Accessories

    Vegetable Growing Accessories

    Get the right tools to grow your own vegetables.
  11. Water Butts and Watering Equipment

    Water Butts and Watering Equipment

    Ways to conserve water and to use it wisely.