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Wildlife Attracting Plants

Suttons Seeds have pulled together a range of the best wildlife attracting plants ideal for pollinating.

There are plenty of plants that attract wildlife which you can grow to entice both bees and butterflies to visit your garden.

Browse our range of wildlife-attracting plants and grow something different today – we also stock a fine selection of accessories to get the best from your plants to attract wildlife.

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Help Britain's dwindling population of pollinators by providing them with flowers from February to November. Keep an eye out for the following RHS Perfect pollinators logo, to ensure you are best helping your insect friends

RHS Perfect for Pollinators Logo


Pollinating Tips

It's a good idea to have at least two nectar or pollen-rich plants in flower at any one time in your garden. Look to grow plants which will provide you with a succession of flowers to enjoy through the whole growing season and help pollinators.

As some insects are still out foraging in late summer, it's vital to provide them with a late-flowering food source. Nectar provides energy to fly and helps build them up for winter hibernation, so if you ensure hey have a good supply you give them a better chance of surviving the cold months!