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Petunia Plants

One of the most popular of bedding plants Petunia plants are prolific bloomers with a flowering period from June to October.

Originating in Argentina Petunia plants come in a huge variety of flower forms including single and double flowers, ruffled and striped petals, striped and plain colours, etc. The wide trumpet shaped flowers and hairy leaves of Petunia plants are instantly recognisable, whatever the colour or flower form.

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  1. Trailing Petunia Plants - Our Selection Quick View

    Trailing Petunia Plants - Our Selection

    Despatch from May 2021 20 x 9cm Potted Plants


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petunia plants

Further information: Petunia Plants.

Where to grow Petunia plants?

  • Choose a sunny position with shelter from strong winds
  • Petunia plants are ideal for pots and containers as well as flower beds and baskets

How to grow Petunia plants?

  • Deadhead regularly and cut back the stems if they become straggly
  • Water regularly but allow to dry out a little between waterings