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Marigold Plants

Once grown as a kitchen herb Marigold plants are now used as a trouble-free, easy to grow annual. So easy to grow that Marigold plants are a great starter plant for young children to grow from seed.

The daisy-like flowers of Marigold plants come in a range of colours, most commonly shades or yellow and orange. The petals are edible and make a pretty addition to any salad. The taller varieties of Marigold plant are also good for cutting.

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marigold plants

Further information: Marigold Plants.

Where to grow Marigold plants?

  • Thrives best in full sun or partial shade.
  • Marigold plants will produce the most flowers when planted in poor soil.
  • If your soil is heavy then it is best to grow Marigold plants in containers.

How to grow Marigold plants?

  • Liquid feed once a month to encourage larger blooms.
  • Remove faded flowers to encourage continued flowering.