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Dahlia Tubers

If you love bold flowers that create instant impact and a real talking point, it’s got to be dahlias. We’re proud to offer a selection of beautiful dahlias that pack a real punch, and choosing your favourites is just as much fun as watching them grow. From the bicoloured petals of England’s Glory, to the blazing yellows of Golden Scepter, it’s time to pick your favourite.

Perfect for borders, our dahlia tubers can be planted directly into the garden from early May onwards for late summer flowering. For earlier flowering dahlias, pot them in the greenhouse in March or April and plant out at the end of May when the danger of frost has passed.

Browse our range of dahlia tubers and plant something different today – we also stock a fine selection of accessories to help you get the best from your dahlias.

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  1. Dahlia Fimbriata Twin Pack - Black Touch & Playa Blanca Save 28% Quick View

    Dahlia Fimbriata Twin Pack - Black Touch & Playa Blanca

    Delivery within 7-14 days 4 Tubers (2 of each variety)
    £9.99 RRP £13.98
  2. Dahlia Tubers - Toto Quick View

    Dahlia Tubers - Toto

    Delivery within 7-14 days 2 Tubers
  3. Summer Bulb Collection - Dahlia and Gladiolus Save 39% Quick View

    Summer Bulb Collection - Dahlia and Gladiolus

    Delivery within 7-14 days 65 Bulbs (5 Dahlia, 60 Gladiolus)
    £15.00 RRP £24.98
  4. Dahlia Tubers - Inca (Anemone) Quick View

    Dahlia Tubers - Inca (Anemone)

    Delivery within 7-14 days 2 Tubers


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dahlia tubers

Further information: Dahlia Tubers.

Where to grow Dahlia Tubers?

  • Dahlias prefer full sun although they will tolerate shade for part of the day
  • If growing the taller varieties make sure there is shelter from strong winds
  • Well drained, rich soil is best for Dahlia tubers
  • Grow in beds and borders with the shorter varieties also being suitable for pots and containers

How to grow Dahlia tubers?

  • Plant in mid to late spring
  • Plant the dahlia tubers 10-15cm deep with the neck pointing upwards
  • Spacing depends on the variety
  • Water well after planting
  • During the growing season water regularly
  • When the flower buds form feed every 14 days
  • Deadhead regularly to prolong the flowering period

How to look after Dahlia tubers after flowering

  • Dependant on where you live and on the condition of your soil Dahlia tubers may survive in the ground for many years however if you have heavy soil or are in a cold area then it is best to lift the Dahlia tubers in late autumn.
  • Cut off the stem 15 cm above the ground level and lift the clump carefully
  • Stand the clump upside down for a few hours to allow moisture to drain from the stem
  • Lightly cover the Dahlia tubers with soil and store in a cool, frost-free place that is well ventilated