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Trees and shrubs are so important to the landscape of your garden, and they’re some of the easiest options to add to your outside space. With little maintenance needed and ideal for fruit and texture, trees and shrubs add an ornamental quality to your space. 

Whether you have a compact garden or lots of space to fill, our selection of trees and shrubs has choices to suit every kind of space. You’ll find everything from ornamental trees and small shrubs, to bare root potted plants.

If it’s a show stopping display of foliage you’re after, then it’s got to be one of our acers. This family of trees and shrubs are known for their vibrant autumn colours, and they’re perfect for a container on the patio too.

If you love to see lots of flowers, check out our selection of rhododendron flowering shrubs and azalea plants. Smothered in flowers when they’re in bloom, they add a touch of colour to your space. 

Not to mention our amazing range of scented shrubs, with a vast range of smells such as the sweet smell of the skimmia plant - Rubella, these plants will have your garden looking and smelling beautiful in no time.

And then there are the climbers. The clematis plants look fantastic grown up a trellis, and we even have miniature varieties if you’re limited on space. Trees and shrubs are a great way to add height, structure and even scents to your outdoor space, so it’s time to choose your favourites.

  1. All Trees Shrubs Offers

    All Trees Shrubs Offers

    See our latest offers of shrub collections, as well as scented shrubs.



Adding longevity to your garden, trees are great for many aspects, from bearing fruit to charming flower blossoms. Suttons offers a wide range of trees to suit your needs. 

Our favourite is; the Flowering Cherry Cheals Weeping tree because of its alluring pink blossoms and long weeping branches. 


From evergreen shrubs like Sarcococca Plant - Winter Gem to fast growing shrubs such as the Weigela Plant - Bristol Ruby, Suttons range of shrubs will have what you’re looking for. 

Our top pick - Acer palmatum Plant - Garnet, making perfect shrubs for shade this plant’s dark red hue causes it to look striking in any garden. 


Hedging plants come in a variety of amazing shapes making them very versatile in the garden. From creating striking borders with our fast growing hedging such as the evergreen conifers. 

If you’re looking for something more ornate, our favourite is the apple blossom. Slow growing but good things come to those who wait, beautiful pink flower blossoms create a very decorative looking hedgerow.