Potted Perennial Plants - Buy 3 and get the 3rd Free
  1. Baptisia australis Plant Baptisia australis Plant

    Baptisia australis Plant

    Attractive seed pods in autumn/winter
  2. Delosperma Plant - Fire Spinner Delosperma Plant - Fire Spinner

    Delosperma Plant - Fire Spinner

    Fiery flowers
  3. Euphorbia Plant - Frosted Flame

    Euphorbia Plant - Frosted Flame

    The most striking foliage of any euphorbia!
  4. Tulbaghia Plant - Purple Eye Tulbaghia Plant - Purple Eye

    Tulbaghia Plant - Purple Eye

    Flowers from spring to autumn!

Flower Seeds and Vegetable Seeds of the Week

  1. Cucamelon Seeds Cucamelon Seeds

    Cucamelon Seeds

    Grape-sized watermelons
  2. Callaloo Seeds Callaloo Seeds

    Callaloo Seeds

    Comes in a rainbow of colours!
  3. Quinoa Seeds Quinoa Seeds

    Quinoa Seeds

    The sacred grain of the Incas
  4. Inca Berries Seeds Inca Berries Seeds

    Inca Berries Seeds

    The Incan delicacy that thrives on neglect

Shopping with Suttons Seeds

With over 200 years of gardening knowledge and expertise, Suttons Seeds have built an enviable reputation for quality products which guarantees you get the most from your garden.

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We are extremely proud of our heritage and follow 5 key principles:
Superior Quality
  • Rigorous trials and testing to provide top quality flower and veg seeds, flower bulbs and potted plug plants.
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Great Value
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