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Botanical Infusions Plants - Collection

12 Super Plugs (3 of each variety)


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  • From the furthest reaches of the world we bring you the most amazing collection of herbs!
  • All with varying health boosting benefits these herb plants are real must haves!
  • Use as tea & drink infusions, in cakes or some in salads!

Botanical Infusions Plants - Collection

From the furthest corners of Earth we bring you the most amazing and exotic collection of herbs! All with their own properties beneficial to your health. From The middle East to deep in the heart of South America, these herb plants are true botanical marvels. They can be enjoyed in infused teas, baking, or in the case of Aztec Sweet Herb in fruit salads! 

If you're looking to explore the magnificent flavours of this wonderful world or trying to boost your metabolism and immune system, these plants are perfect for you! Fighting anything from chesty coughs to helping you to live longer, they’ve got it all!

Botanical Infusions Collection contains 3 each of the varieties: Tea of Life, Mint Marokko, Lemon Verbena Freshman & Aztec Sweet Herb Colada.

Tea of Life - Makes a rejuvenating tea which has a slight liquorice flavour to it. Also known as the 5 leaf ginseng and the plant of immortality. As a herbal infusion, it is said to have a healing effect on heart problems, high blood pressure, disorders of the immune system and metabolic disorders.

Mint Marokko - Traditional Morrocan tea mint which you will find sold in all the Bazars in the Middle East. Leaves have a refreshing and strong spearmint flavour. Ideal to brew your own Morrocan mint tea. Mint tea is reported to be good for an upset stomach and helps aid with digestion, therefore its recommended to drink after a meal and before bed.


Lemon Verbena Freshman - The leaves of lemon verbena make a refreshing, almost sherbert-like lemon flavour tea. Leaves can be used fresh or dried for later use. Iced lemon verbena tea makes for a refreshing summer drink in the garden, perfect for BBQ's.

Aztec - Aztec sweet herb, as the name suggests, comes from South America where it has been used for the treatment of various chest infections such as Bronchitis for centuries. The sweet-smelling and incredibly sweet-tasting leaves can be added to drinks and teas to sweeten them without adding calories!

Growing Information

Herb of Life

As a hardy perennial, the fast-growing herb of life can be grown in cooler climates as an annual. Due to the aesthetic nature of these plants, they also make perfect house plants so pot them into a decorative container and bring them indoors during the winter season or all year round. Jiaogulan can be grown in almost all soil types providing it drains well. When grown in containers this immortality plant should be potted with a potting mix. This plant desires partial shade, however, will cope in full sunlight depending on how hot the climate is. 

Due to the beautiful climbing nature of this 5 leaf ginseng provide a trellis for it to grow up or any other supporting structure you like. The curly tendrils will look amazing climbing up decorative obelisks. You should water your Jiaogulan herb plant often to keep the soil moist. If the soil dries, the plant may start to wilt. It will recover once watered.

Mint Marokko

Mint plants require plenty of water in hot weather. Mint tends to be a vigorous grower and it will spread quickly, so it’s best planted in a container with some compost. This also makes it easier to harvest once the time comes. 

Mint tends to die back during the winter so harvest any leaves you can between spring and mid-autumn. To keep mint plants compact and encourage better growing, harvest regularly. 

Mint can often be the subject to rust, a common fungal disease, recognised by orange - black spots blistering on mint leaves. Rust can eventually kill plants if left untreated. To remedy rust problems, remove infected plants to avoid the spreading of spores. Rust can spread to other plants too so be sure to check plants around the infected ones too. 

Lemon Verbena

Lemon Verbena should be planted in rich, well drained soil. If roots remain wet constantly, the plant may perish. Lemon verbena may thrive in containers, be sure to choose one large enough to give roots room to spread.

Lemon Verbena leaves can be harvested as needed throughout their growing season. New growth will occur each time you cut a stem. Frequent cutting is necessary for continuous growth, to make a large picking cut the plants back by roughly half. When using the lemon verbena leaves crumble them just before using in order to release their flavours. Try freezing the leaves to use later. 

Aztec Sweet Herb

Once you have planted your Aztec sweet herb ensure the soil is well drained. Allow the soil to almost fully dry out around your Lippia Dulcis before watering it again as it prefers drier conditions. These plants will grow quickly, Once it has acclimated to its final position the plant will be hardy that will withstand some level of neglect.

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Botanical Infusions Collection (12)

Botanical Infusions Plants - Collection

12 Super Plugs (3 of each variety)


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