James Wong Vegetable Plants & Fruit

Convinced that intense flavour does not have to be at the expense of crop size, James has develop an incredibly popular & tasty range of vegetable plants for you to grow at home.

So, if you're looking for heatless chillies or dark blue tomatoes then you’ll find them here!

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James Wong Seed

Discover our range of seeds developed by James, incluing unique varieties from beef & onion tasting herbs, to white strawberries and refreshing radicchio (pictured)!

“To my mind, by far the most convincing reason to grow your own is the simple fact it allows you to access a whole world of otherwise un-buyable varieties.” – James Wong

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Botanical Infusions

“It’s amazing what benefits can be acheived from harnessing the natural power of plants. With a couple of seed packs and a bit of guidance from our online recipes, you will soon be tickering away like a botanical Willy Wonka, developing your own homespun remedies for yourself or friends. Good luck and have fun!” – James Wong

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Developed by James Wong

We've developed a fantastic range of varied products alongside James over the past few years. Each variety has been selected and developed for it's unique characteristics and you'll find many varieties which won't be available elsewhere. From white radishes to cucamelons, discover something new and view everything in one place!

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