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Grow Your Own

There's never been a better time to join the Grow Your Own buzz. More people than ever are getting involved, saving money and experiencing the joy of tasting fresh fruit and vegetables they've grown themselves. Suttons have been supplying seeds for over 200 years and have built a well-respected reputation on excellent customer service and quality of product.

How Do I Grow My Own Produce?

Whether you have a windowsill or an allotment we can help you Grow Your Own. Not only can we advise on what to grow, how to grow and when to grow it – we have the largest range of vegetable growing products from the seeds themselves to greenhouses or speedy solutions in our speedy seed range to Fun to Grow packs for kids. This year we have our biggest ever range of edible products from veg seeds, fruit and veg plants, fruit trees and equipment for the veg garden.

Why Should I Grow My Own?

It's healthy - Fresh produce straight from the garden contains the maximum vitamins and minerals to promote healthy living! It will save you money – it all helps with the household budget!

Are you new to gardening or just want to grow a little more for yourself?

Either way, use our website and our experience to find the way of growing that's right for you.